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B.J. Hansen

B.J. Hansen
Office: 218-326-3411
Mobile:  218-259-3319
Fax: 218-326-3414


BJ knew there was a better way to practice real estate when she started her career. As a new agent in 2006, BJ decided to do real estate in a more caring, exciting way, to show the passion she has for helping people through the often-confusing realities of real estate. It all starts with outstanding customer service. When a client walks into her office, BJ notices you. She listens and strives to understand her clients’ needs and wants. Beyond a good listener, BJ is an anticipator. She is always keeping her eyes on the price, constantly looking out for your best interests.

BJ is on time, on point, 24/7 on the job, and always calls you back. Her goal is to satisfy your every wish when it comes to finding your next property. She takes great pleasure from getting to know you on a personal level so she can introduce you to people, neighborhoods, natural wonders and events that she knows will mean something to you.

BJ started a new venture in her real estate career in 2017 as a Broker & Co-Owner of Edge of the Wilderness Lakes & Home Realty. BJ knows that a good Broker covers all of the bases. She can handle any unexpected glitch in the path, whether you’re looking for a simple cabin or a large commercial property. BJ understands that an investment in real estate is often the biggest purchase you will ever make, and she works hard to protect you and coach you through the entire process.


BJ is very diversified in her experience. She enjoys working with first time home-buyers and educating them about the process. She has exceled at residential real estate across the board and is well versed in commercial property.

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Grand Rapids Lions Club member
Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation
Advisory Committee member for the Greater Itasca Fund.
Past Member of the Grand Itasca Board
Past ICBR Board Member


University of Minnesota; emphasis in Chemistry with a R & D background
Broker’s License in Real Estate.

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